Basic services and rates

  Basic services do not include your own DNS name or assigned IP number. For these services, please see our  Virtual Domain Service.   For those who do not understand, your basic website would be accessed in this manner.


Our basic service include's the following features.

  1. FTP useage to maintain your web site.
  2. Password, your own personal password to your site restricting access to all others.
  3. Email capability,Email forwarding  Allowing your customers to email your own internet email account.
  4. Cgi programs  Hit counters,clocks,forms etc.
  5. Guestbook : Your own personal guestbook for customers
  6. Backups:regular backups of your files and documents.
  7. Addition to our customers page listing.
  8. additional features forthcomeing.


     You are of course responsible for your own maintainance of your website and documents,we will maintain your site for a small fee if necessary. We reserve the right to limit any websites that may contain objectionable material. Please call us for very high bandwidth requirments.

Pricing for basic service

5 meg space $15 month

 All basic services will also be charged a one time setup fee of $ 25. No transfer limit is imposed, within reason. We do not allow Adult Websites on our Servers.


Barlow & Barlow web services


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