Virtual Domain services and rates

Virtual domain services are for companies that wish to have their very own WWW name on the internet. This requires certain additional charges to implement as outlined below. Your companies name as seen by the world would look like this.


All Virtual domain services include the following features

  1. FTP useage to maintain your web site.
  2. Password, your own personal editable password to your site restricting access to all others.
  3. Bulletin Board   Your very own threaded discussion board.   FREE upon request
  4. Guestbook:    Your own personal guestbook for customers.
  5. Email capability,Email forwarding   Allowing your customers to send email to your own internet email account.
  6. Post Office : You may have up too 5 email accounts or aliasing on our system as your company needs. Additional email address's may be purchased seperatly.
  7. Mailing Lists : You may have mailing lists for your customers for new announcments or for general discussion of your products.
  8. Password protection for web pages:  Prevent unauthorized viewing of your documents
  9. Cgi programs   hit counters,clocks,forms bulletin boards etc.
  10. Access logs    Access logs are available so that you can easily determine your customers response to your companies web site.
  11. Backups  regular backups of your files and documents.
  12. Customers  directory  addition to our customers page listing.
  13. additional features forthcoming.


   You are of course responsible for your own maintainance of your website and documents, we will maintain your site for a small fee if necessary. We reserve the right to limit any websites that may contain objectionable material.   Please call us for very high bandwidth requirments.

Pricing for Virtual Domain services.

We will work with any companies budget on pricing

2 meg space/500MB transfer $25 month
5 meg space/500MB transfer $30 month
10 meg space/500MB transfer $35 month
20 meg space/1000 MB transfer $40 month
100 meg space/1000 MB transfer $100 month
High bandwidth accounts Please ask us for estimates

  All Virtual Domain services will also be charged a one time setup fee of $50. This covers setting up the domain name, ftp accounts, email accounts, passwords etc. For those customers who do not know what size web site they would need, our Christmas web site uses exactly 4.8 MB harddrive size. You would then choose the 5 meg space  $30 month account. Most normal customer accounts will not exceed the 500mb transfer limit. The larger priced accounts are generally used by major corporations. You may always increase or decrease your site size as you wish, and pay us accordingly. If you lower your sites useage to a smaller size please remind us of the fact and we will lower your monthly bill accordingly. We do not care if you buy a 5 meg website and have 6,7,8,9 meg on it. The only reason we have set size limits is for a few customers in the past who attemped to abuse the privelage. Bandwidth is not monitored either. We list bandwidth size only to prevent adult sites and a customer from abusing a service.

 In addition the Gandi Registra DNS naming system charges $12 for Virtual domain name registering per year. We will set this up for you if you wish. You may search the Gandi  WHOIS database to see if a name you would like to use is available.

   NO FREE DESIGN OR HOSTING for any reason. This includes family and friends. I am sorry for having to take a hardline on this, but this is my only source of income and I cannot continue to host and design friends websites for free.

Barlow & Barlow web services


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