Form mailing example

     Sometimes it is nice to have a simple mail form to allow your customers to write for information or comments.  A mailing form is used for this process.In addition some older WWW browsers do not have email capability built into them.  The mail form will help prevent any prospective customers from becomeing annoyed and moveing on to another company.

     As your server company we have a simple and easily used Forms mailing system that you may use. designed by Jeff RawlingsYou may click on this link to see mailform in action

     We shall begin by giveing a simple HTML example of a form and then we shall explain certain aspects of the code.


Browsers View

<TITLE>mail.htm </TITLE>
<form action="/cgi/" method="post">
<P ALIGN=Left>
<P ALIGN=Left>
Recipient :<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="recipient" SIZE="20">
<P ALIGN=Left>
Your Email address: <BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="email" SIZE="20">
<P ALIGN=Left>
<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Send Email">
<INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE="Clear Form">
Your Message: <BR>
<TEXTAREA name=message text rows=10 cols=30></TEXTAREA>
<P ALIGN=Left>
<P ALIGN=Center>

Recipient :

Your Email address:

Your Message:

     The right side of the table shows exactly what your Web customers would see, the code on the left can be pasted directly into a mail.htm document if you wish useing standard Windows CTRL-C.  This form mail program is invoked with the command.

 We hope this has been informative for you, if you have any further questions please feel free to Mailform us.

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