Please note the majority of this software is NOT free it has been written by the respective Authors,or Companies. Where possible we have included the link to the actual company or Author. This is the 2nd link you will see for each program listed. We have included the software on this server simply as a convienance for our customers. We also cannot guarantee this will be the latest version of the software. Please be sure to go to the main site for any future updates to the programs.

  Please consider paying these Authors for any monetary amounts they may request. In most cases it is a very small price to pay for the excellent software they have produced.

  • FSEarthTiles   FSEarthTiles Documentation
  • POWWOW ;   Win 95 beta version Voice chat software and games by Tribalweb
  • POWWOW ;   Win 3.1 version Voice chat software by Tribalweb
  • ICQ;                   Win 95 version chat messaging software by Mirabilis
  • CUTEFTP ;       File transfer software used to upload your files, By ALex Kunadze
  • NETSCAPE GOLD 3.04;          Includes working Java plugin byNetscape
  • HTML HELP PROGRAM         Online referance manual for HTML coding.
  • LVIEWPRO           Picture Display Utility,Slideshow,Contact Sheets,Image convertor.
  • MAPEDIT ;      Image map editor program by Boutell software
  • JUNO;               Free email software,does not require an internet connection.By Juno Online services
  • WEATHER;     WinWeather,maps,realtime cameras,weather reports
  • GIFCON;         Create animated GIF files
  • Iomega Zip Drive         Install file for Iomega Zip drive
  • Norton File Manager         Norton File manager
  • Netscape 4.6--- 19 meg file         Netscape version 4.6--- 19 meg file
  • Microsoft word viewer         Microsoft Word Viewer
  • Gif Animator         Gif Animator
  • Photo Print       Photo print Homepage
  • OmniLogParser For generating seperate domain files from 1 single access log     
  • WebAlizer 2.01 Webalizer webpage statistics generator for NT Version 2.01
  • Thumbs Plus  Thumbnail Graphics webpage creator program.
  • PFE ediitor  programmers File Editor 800k file.
  • Got all Media 5  9.7 meg file.
  •   26 meg zip file.
  •   36 meg zip file.
  • GBPVR09612.msi   10 meg file.

  • Barlow & Barlow web services

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