System Parameters

  For those customers who are knowledgable of WWW servers, or are just plain curious what type of computer their files will be located on,we have put together this information page.If you have any further questions about our system please feel free to email us.

  • CPU Our main server called MAX is a dual processor Intel pentium 266 mhz system. This means our main motherboard actually has two seperate CPU chips working con-currently with each other sharing the load of the www server requests. At this time we are running at 20% of CPU utilization. Many people ask why such a low CPU speed by todays standards. We could easily install faster CPU's but serving up webpages is not a huge draw on a computers system resources. 5 gigabyte of data transfered per month is not taxing our system at this time.
  • Motherboard : We use a Tyan Tomcat IV dual processor motherboard on MAX.
  • Memory : Currently we run 80 meg of system memory upgradeable as necessary to 512 MB.  Memory is very cheap these days we can easily install additional memory if we ever need to. Currently our available free memory while under load is 33-40 meg free.
  • Harddrive : We use multiple harddrives for various reasons, mainly to provide redundancy and backup reliability. Maxtor is our drive of choice. Hence the systems name MAX
  • Operating System:We use Windows NT 4.0 operating system, this provides us with various advantages on our end. To our customers it provides a very real advantage: Upon uploading your HTML files to our system, you do NOT have to set file permissions, world read permissions, or change your file extensions to .html, as you would have to do with a Unix based system.
  • Network : We have a network of 3 other computers we can turn online as necessary to either share the load,or simply act as backup systems.
  • Backup Server: We maintain a completly seperate computer and harddrive strictly as a backup in case the main computer should ever fail.This lowers the turn around time tremendously! This also has a 2nd very real advantage for you. If anybody ever breaks into the system, and destroys our operating system they cannot attack the backup computer because it is turned off until needed. A major attack cannot hurt the backup systems computer.
  • Backup Disk: We use 2 seperate backup systems. For everyday useage and quick restoration of files. We depend upon Iomega Zip drives running thru a SCSI interface. This way we can quickly rebuild files or directories that may become corrupted. In addition, as meantioned above we also have a complete backup computer, with its own memory and harddrive. If the main server ever fails, all we need do is simply turn on the switch of the backup.
  • Backup CD Disk: We also use a rewritable CD ROM of all customer files, we write to this disk biweekly,or whenever a new customer is added. Hopefully one of these backup methods will be useable in a crisis.
  • 24 hr network connection: We use specialized Software to maintain our www server 24 hrs a day. Currently we are the only company in the United States to be using this software.This software was generously written for us and does an excellent job keeping the system online.We have the software set to poll the www server every 5 minutes, non stop, 24 hrs a day. If the www server ever goes down or does not function properly this software will restart the www server and bring things back online all unattended. We also use a seperate piece of software that monitors the line quality of the connection. By pinging the internet every 2 minutes it can tell how good the actual internet connection is at any time. If our internet connection drops below a certain minimum standard it will automatically; drop the connection, reset software, and reconnect to the internet backbone. Finally we have a 3rd party company that constantly checks our connection, if that company finds us down, they send an email to us on a seperate account which we can access from our homes. This way we are made aware if the system goes down over weekends or at night. Not to worry though, our system stays up for months at a time without problems.
  • WWW server software: We use AOLSERVER as our software of choice. This software provides us with many options and abilities not yet offered by some of the other companies. There are still many features of this server we are still exploring. If you see something missing you would like in a www server please let us know.
  • FTP software: We have picked WAR FTP DAEMON as our ftp software this is the software you will see first when you upload your files, once they are on our harddrives then AOLSERVER takes over and does it's job. WAR ftp provides the option for customers of Resume file downloads.If your connection breaks during access,you do not have to restart the transfer from zero.
  • Post office,Email software: We use IMS,EMWAC post office software for your email address's,we have installed spam filters as well as anti relay filters to prevent,either your mailbox filling with junk mail,and also to prevent email from being relayed from your companys address that you know nothing about.
  • Bandwidth : Our system currently has the capabilty of transfering 9 gigabytes of data every single month,as we approach the 75% point of our bandwidth capacity we upgrade our existing line capacity to the next available type. We believe in keeping our customers happy and the only way to do this, is to increase bandwidth as the need arises. Other major server companies brag about there fast T3 connections but do not tell you the whole story,this is no good to you if the T3 is 95% saturated .Another practise which is never discussed is that, yes a company may buy a T1 or a T3 connection,but they do not actually use that T1 only by themselves this same T1 may be resold to 50 differant companies. Some server companies are network box's linked by the hundreds in a closed room, all of these Hosting companies share the same T3 line. All of them say they have a T3 and they are not liying,they do not meantion the fact that 99 other companies are on that same T3 connection. Think of bandwidth as 2 roads going to the same location. One road is a 4 lane major highway in your city. If you drive on this 4 lane highway at rush hour, you KNOW how slow the traffic flows, sometimes even coming to a complete halt, and you are stuck sitting in traffic,overheating your cars engine and yourself as well ! Now imagine a single lane country road,driving thru the mntnweb with only a few other cars on the same road, you cruise along at 55 mph all day long and never see any traffic jams,arriving at work relaxed and ready for the days activities.    If you are trying to get to grandmothers house or to your office, which road would you drive upon, the 4 lane highway at rush hour or the country road going to exactly the same place?
  • Additional programs: Many other software programs are hidden in the background and are really to numerous to meantion.If anybody is really curious we could send them a list of the software behind the scenes,beware it is a VERY long list.
  •  We hope this has been informative and has answered some of your concerns in choosing us as your server company.

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