These pages are for companies that may wish to temporarily or permanently password protect their www html pages and directorys from anonymous access.

  • Add password protection to a www document
  • Edit password protection of www documents
  • Add a new user
  • Change a user's password
  • Delete a user
  • Show all users

  • Information section

      New Virtual accounts are initially created with a special administrator called   nsadmin 

     Only nsadmin will have the ability to add users,edit users or add password protection to web pages. New users are placed into a special group called public initially this group only contains the nsadmin name. When you set a html webpage file to be password protected,any persons in this public group will have access to these files.

       Explanation of the fields you will be filling in to password protect a page follows.

  • Method URL  You will enter in the empty box the path and filename to the html file you wish protected.
  • An example would be    /laptop/index.htm entered in the empty box dont forget the leading  /  the method box contains GET,POST,PUT you may leave the default of GET this means that persons may GET their files from your page,after they havebeen protected. Anonymous users are still denied of course.

  • Owner:     This may be left alone this is simply a record of who made the change
  • Exact url match is not required    Exact url match is required radio buttons
  • Exact URL match is NOT required will mean that all subdirectorys and files under the one you listed WILL BE password protected.

    Exact URL match is required will mean that ONLY the file listed will be password protected.

  • No restrictions on users   Allow only these users     Deny these users
  •  These 3 radio buttons are useful to deny or allow access to certain people in your password public group.

    No restriction on users means that any users in your public group will have access. This does not mean that just any anonymous user can access your website. ONLY those members listed in your public group will have access with this button selected.

    Allow only these users , you must select a name or combination of names from the users box on the form to use this button. To select more then one name, on window systems hold down the ctrl button while you click your left mouse button. (This is a standard windows feature for those who may not know.) All other users in your public group will still have access to the password protected file.

    Deny these users, You may use this button to deny 1 or more specific users from your public group from accessing the web page.  Again use ctrl left mouse to select more then 1 name from your list.

  • No restrictions on groups   Allow only these groups   Deny these groups
  • These radio buttons are for the default groups created for you by the server. In almost all case the publc group will be the only group necessary for a company, if additional information on adding more groups is needed please email us. Leaving the default public group highlited as is will be fine for most companies.

  • Hosts to allow:    Hosts to deny
  • If you have very specific needs and wish to deny or allow certain IP hosts from accessing your site you may use these buttons, otherwise they may be left blank. Leaving these blank will still not allow anonymous access to your site.

  • Add button : self explanatory, when finished use this button to generate your changes.