We provide Post Office accounts for our Virtual customers. You may have 5 distinct mail address's for your company, this way each department can have its own email address. If you need more email address's we will charge $1 per email address per month. We also have mail aliasing and list servers for your benifit. We provide a simple form to create a new email account on our system.

Distinct mail address's for your employees would be like the following.



Mail aliasing would take a company email address and forward it automatically to a differant address. This is usefull when you wish to have all of your companies email go to your own personal email address. This saves you from checking multiple email accounts every day, yet your customers will think they are sending mail directly to your company name. Simply send us a list of email alias accounts you would like to have and we can set them up for you. Subsquent changes after initial Virtual account creation will be billed seperately

Jake@MntnWeb.Com     would be forwarded to

Or you may have many differant company email address's yet have all of the email be sent to 1 email address.

Sales@MntnWeb.Com    forwarded to

Techsupport@MntnWeb.Com    forwarded to     Owner@MntnWeb.Com

Administration@MntnWeb.Com    forwarded to

Barlow & Barlow web services

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