640x480 Photo of Binghamton from the east July 95',taken from West Windsor.

   We offer full photo digetizing services as well as photo printing and alterations.
Below you will find some examples of digitizing images useing a video digitizer board ( media Vision Pro movie spectrum)  These were digitized from pictures and photographs, any resolution up to 640x480x256 is possible at this time. Any storage format---.jpg.bmp.pcx.gif and others

  1. 3wheeler
  2. beretta
  3. Balloon over Binghamton
  4. Cuda'
  5. Dogs in a truck
  6. Fireboat beside waterfront
  7. Porsche912
  8. Racecar     Imsai GTL
  9. Santa Claus painting
  10. Store painting
  11. Rose
  12. Flower
  13. Cat Playing with a flower

  We create custom mousepads. You may send us a family photo,we will digitize that photo and transfer it onto a foam backed mousepad.  If you wish to use your own digitized photo we recommend 640x480x256 or larger images. Here is the original image digitized from a photograph.

  Custom family photos,Digitized and bonded to hard foam backing.Available in any size you wish up to 8"x10" Wall hanger included.If you have your own specialized computer images you wish to use, we recommend that the higher resolution images look the best for large size pictures. 1024x768x256 or larger at 8"x10" size.
$15   Custom family photos on your very own coasters. We will digitize your family photo and create a washable coaster to use in your family room or den. Coasters are 4"x5" in size. You may use 1 scanned image for multiple coasters or a seperate image for each coaster you order. You may also send us your own digitized photos if you wish.

  1. $7        1 coaster ,1 image scanned
  2. $15      4 coasters, useing the same image in each coaster
  3. $20      4 coasters, 4 differant images scanned.

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