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  Do you need a second email account,or have a relative that needs a second account? Perhaps you have a business and would like additional email address's. We can provide you with a complete email account for only $25 per year. You may be wondering to yourself why would I pay for a second email acount when other places on the web offer free email accounts. Please allow us a moment to explain the advantages of an account thru MntnWeb.

  • No Advertisment: On other free email services you are constantly hastled by advertisments and banners flashing across your screen as you try to compose and read your letters. How does anybody concentrate on Writing a letter with all the banners flashing on there screen? With a purchased account,there will never be any advertisments or banners to distract you!
  • Spam and Junk email:  Spam is a very real problem for the internet industry today that causes to many problems to enter into here. We provide a very sophisticated Spam/junk email filter that will filter out a large percentage of the Spam that comes into peoples mail box's.  Free email accounts do not offer this service.  Are you tired of receiving 10-20 junk emails per day in your mailbox? With MntnWeb much of this agrivation will be eliminated.
  • Business account useage:  Free email services do not allow you to use your accounts for business purposes. On MntnWeb you may use your account for anything your business requires. Our only stipulation is that we do not allow bulk emailing or Spam from your account. However if you have a company that sends a newsletter to your customers that is acceptable to us.
  • No personal information questions: Are you tired of filling out many pages of personal information these days? Free email services require unacceptable quantities of your own personal information. On MntnWeb the only thing we will need to know is your billing name when you purchase the account. You may make your own name and password for your email account.
  • Privacy: Nothing on the internet is truly private, everything can be read by anyone that wishs to read it,however on MntnWeb your mail privacy is certainly as good as the technology allows today. We have no reason or desire to read your mail. In addition we will not even know the password you setup yourself personally! We would like to know your mail name to keep with our billing records for you. The reason for this is so that we may offer you the chance to buy an account with us a year later. If you do lose your password we cannot restore that exact password,because we do not know it ourselves!  However we can delete your old password ( keeping your account name) and give you a new password. You will not lose any mail or attached messages if this were to happen.
  • Service: How many times have you called and written to technical support companies in the past year and either been put on hold indefinately or your calls and letters were never returned?  With MntnWeb we are real live human beings who will resolve your technical problems as soon as we are aware of them.

  •       Services we offer      

      Your mail thru MntnWeb can do anything any other email account can do. You may attach files,upload and download images and graphics,send letters every single day if you wish. You may have clickable URL links inside the body of your mail messages. These are not supported by all email programs so your recipient may not be able to use that feature,however it is available to you.

        Setup and configuration     

             Setting up your email program could not be simpler with us.

  • NAME & PASSWORD : When we receieve payment for your email account we will give you a special password to an online webpage where you may make your own account name and password. If you prefer we will make a name and password for you manually. It really is very easy to do it yourself.
  • SMTP SERVER : you would enter mail.mntnweb.com in this field
  • POP3 ACCOUNT : you would enter       name@mntnweb.com      in this field, for example if you picked george for your email account you would enter     george@mntnweb.com      into this field
  • RETURN ADDRESS : you may put whatever you wish in the return email address, either your new mntnweb address or another exisiting email address.
  • HOSTS:  If you have a hosts field enter your email address in the POP account field for example george@mntnweb.com
  • The above is all you need to activate a second email account with MntnWeb.

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