Merry Christmas. Welcome to Happy the Elfs home. Happy the Elf is a wonderful little elf that works hard all year in Santa's toyshop. Happy is always happy to make toys for good little boys and girls. Happy always wants to meet new friends, and you too can visit with Happy using these interactive storys brought to you by your friends at MntnWeb.Com

  1. A christmas story about you and Santa 1997
  2. Help make Happy, happy again 1998
  3. A story with you and Happy the elf 1999
  4. Help Happy the Elf build a toy. 2000
  5. Help Happy the elf meet his friend a second time. 2001
  6. Help Happy the elf build the best toy ever. 2003
  7. Help Happy the elf find a special present for Santa 2004
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