A guestbook is a very nice way for customers and friends to leave you messages or querys, all recorded in a nice formatted list. The necessary files required have already been copied into your main directory upon account activation. Setting up the actual guestbook takes only a few very simple steps.

  • GUSTFORM.HTM   is a simple form for customers to input information to your guestbook.You may edit this form for your own personal preferances.
  • GUSTBOOK.HTM is the actual guestbook that people shall be reading. You may also edit this,by adding a   personal heading,background image etc.
  • CGI-GUES.INI is the only file you will have to edit. This file contains 4 necessary items that WILL need to be edited by you to operate properly.
    1. [webmaster]    Enter your email address on this line
    2. [guestbook path]   Enter the path to your gustbook.htm file this path will be differant depending on if you are a VIRTUAL account customer or a BASIC account customer
    3. [guestbook url]   Enter the exact URL you would use to access your gustbook from the outside world. This may simply be the url that your INDEX.HTM file is located at
    4. [homepage url]  Enter the URL of your homepage.

    This is all that is required to setup and run your very own Guestbook. If you need any further help please email us.

    Barlow & Barlow web services

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