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This javascript was created by -- Walter <> still believes in keeping everything sheep-shape..
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Figure 1 shows the expected growth chart for your Hamachi. Unlike some virtual pets, this one remains true to the biological and genetic

If, however, it becomes restless or unhappy with your care-taking efforts, it will likely chew its way out of the cage and venture forth into the harsh, cruel world.

makeup of the hamster. Perhaps some people enjoy owning and playing with the spindly-legged beasts found in other virtual-pet implementations, but I've always preferred more visually-pleasing animals.

Maintain your Hamachi's well-being and you will see it develop from a wee thing into a full-fledged furry companion. One day in our world is equivalent to a month of the hamster's time. If you care well for your hamster, it can live more than 20 "months".

Figure 2

The user-interface for Hamachi is simple. As seen in Figure 2, the three purple buttons are used to select and perform all available actions. In most situations, the "A" button will highlight the action you wish to perform, the "B" button will perform the highlighted action, and the "C" button will attempt to cancel the currently executing action. If no action is highlighted and the "B" button is pressed, a digital clock will be displayed. Yes, the Hamachi can double as a timepiece! Will wonders never cease?

There are six small action icons in the Hamachi display, again seen in Figure 2. Although they are fairly self-explanatory, brief explanations are as follows:

The hamster is a hardy, robust pet; and hence it can survive a goodly amount of experimental or accidental clicking. Go forth and enjoy!

For those impatient souls who would rather not endure a real-world 20-day wait to discover the entirety of the joy that is Hamachi, there is a drastically more rapidly-evolving Hamachi applet as well. Note that you must also care for this Hamachi at an increased rate so as to compensate for its rapid development. If you download the source code to the applet, you can specify the execution rate by changing the

An alpaca-based virtual pet, for instance, might have a "Rocketry" action that would allow it to launch software engineers high into the atmosphere, only to watch them come plummeting down to Earth once more.

msPerMin parameter in the HTML file. Be careful, though; if you set it too small, you'll find yourself watching the Hamachi wither and die before your very eyes.

This code and more thourogh explanation may be found at Hamachi

-- Walter <> still believes in keeping everything sheep-shape.