Forms can be used to do many things,in general they are used for customer data entry that can be mailed directly to your company.
     For basic form useage and how to code forms please visit our formhelp page.
Please view the Form we will be useing as an example.

     This form works the same as the simple mailform yet has one basic differance that needs to be meantioned.
In the Mailform we told you that the mailto field and the mailfrom field are required.  These two fields are still required but we can hide the Mailto field inside the forms code itself, so that a customer does not have to manually enter your email address.
The html code to do this is

<INPUT type=hidden name="mailto" value="">

INPUT type=hidden     This tell's the forms program we have a hidden name we do not wish shown to the web browser
name="mailto"     This is telling the browser the actual hidden name for this form example we have used the mailto name because we wish the mail sent directly to us without customer interaction.
value=""     The valuecommand is used to store your actual email address(where you want the form sent to)

     This is the only differance between a customer entry form and a simple mailing form.  You may wish for more information on actual form commands and useage,please review our formhelp page.

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