Thank you for your interest in MntnWeb.Com a World Wide Web Page Provider. Our goal is to offer an alternative way for you to advertise your business other than the conventional routes of Bulk Mailing, Newspapers, Radio, and Television.

In today's fast changing sales environment an advertising medium is needed to keep pace with your computer literate customers. We offer this medium, with your company advertising on the Internet. You can update your sale specials on a daily basis. Try to do this with a magazine advertisement, your advertisement will be two months old before it reaches the store shelves. With the Internet, it is just a mouse click away.

We can post your site at all the major Internet Advertising locations. This will make it much easier for customers to find your Business page on the Interact.  Visit our site posting page

The Internet is growing daily. Now at the turn of the Century it is common place to have an Internet connection in every home. Just pick up a magazine or turn on the TV and you will see major players on the Information Super highway advertising their Web sites. Put yours right along side of theirs.

Brief Notes for those less knowledgeable on pagework and it's cost:

Cost variables for Website Designs

One Hour Labor $45
Single page site design cost $30 - $60
For multiple page site design and layout, includes clerical work to establish files and graphical design for base site. Initial file, base graphic and setup $100-$200
Scanning and editing for use on Internet - cost per image
This cost included in any website designs.
Additional html files after initial file and site setup - cost per file, moderate limitations apply $15 - $75
Cost for forms, (no monthly fee), only coding fee to establish forms - cost per form  $40
Use of frames - (no monthly fee), only initial coding and design fee  $50-$75
Database integration, coding and cost dependant on data and queries desired  Quoted as needed
Specialty graphic design not using existing logos and graphics. Price per hour  $50
Monthly Calendar setup $50
Catalog setup $50/hour
Special programming unique to clients' needs, quoted per hour  $85
Submission of links in major directories offering free links, including Yahoo, Excite and others. This service is optional and can be performed by the client.  $50
Monthly and other Occasional Costs
Addition of new files in existing site. Price per file. $5 - $50 
File alteration/maintenance: Once established files will need occasional or often scheduled maintenance.  $5 - $40/file or as needed
Cost to establish private domain. - Setup fee for base domain files (not including html designs) and domain registration services: $50 - Domain registration $30 fee upfront for first two years and a fee of $15 per year to keep domains registered. $120 
$35 annually

 The following table lists various types of web services we host,and there monhtly rates,for the complete
information on each service,please visit the linked webpage
Service 1
Single Webpage we design.
This webpage will have 1 image,plus your email address,company address and any text describing your product. $75/year complete
Service 2
Single webpage you design
Design your very own business webpage,upload 1 file,pick background image,text colors,heading position,add your own hitpage counter and linkable Email address $25/year complete
Service 3
Basic webpage accounts
A typical basic website,that you may upload files into,edit and create as you wish.Purchase file space in any quantity size you wish.Your site accessed as $5-15/month,$25 setup fee
Service 4
Virtual Domain Accounts,your own Internic name
Full featured website with your own Internet name.You may upload files,edit,and create webpages as necessary.Purchase file space in any quantity needed.Includes many services. Your site accessed as
$15-100/month $50 setup
$30 Domain name activation for 2 years.


I hope this page is helpful in explaining the basics for an Internet business homepage. If we can be of service to you, please contact us.
Barlow & Barlow web services


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