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  Adding a clock to a webpage is an interesting way to show your customers what time it happens to be,where they are accessing your website.  A time clock is easily added and configured. Please note there is no space between the code letter and the code text.

Clock Usage

+ the + or PLUS symbol is used where multiple options are used
Think of the + as an & (and) symbol,and in fact on some servers the & symbol
is used interchangeably with the + symbol
[   ] brackets denote codes that may be entered after the command
do not actually use the [  ]'s they are added for clarity only.No space between the code letter and the text.
-f[FF0000] color to render foreground in
-b[FF0000] color to render background in
-t[0] index to a color which should be transparent
-s[Stylename] name of numbers style.These are the available digit styles as shown below.
-l[hh:MMm] specify format of time,CASE is Significant
HH-24 hr clock(no zero pad)
ZH-24 hr clock(zero pad)
hh-12 hr clock(no zero pad)
zh -12 hr clock(zero pad)
MM-the minutes
SS-the seconds
m-the meridiem(AM or PM)
-z time zone in minutes to add to local to achieve UTC

Here is an example of the basic code you would add to your webpage

<IMG SRC=/cgi/clock.exe?+-lhh:MMm>

<IMG SRC> The clock uses the standard IMG SRC routine
/cgi/clock.exe? The clock program is already located in the /cgi directory on MntnWeb
and its main execute file is called clock.exe?
the clock and counter will ALWAYS be located in the /cgi directory.All you have to do is type in the clock code correctly for it to operate,you do not have to upload any files or move them around to use this program.
+-lhh:MMm this is the standard 12 hr format you see above with AM/PM meridiems

Digit styles available

Default Timer style Ryan Terry Sammartino
Gold David Zhao
Poolball David Zhao
Bar David Zhao


John Holst
DogPaw John Holst
Embossed Blue 1 Andy Evans
Embossed Blue 2 Andy Evans
Embossed green 4 Andy Evans
Glowing Eric Richter
Luminous Meps
Lumnbulb Meps
Neon David Zhao
Train John Hoist
WDR Tim Rice
IMGD unknown author
elf2 unknown author

If you would like any additional digits please visit DigitMania,send the zip file and the digits picture file and the Authors name and Email to MntnWeb,and we will install the digits for you to use.Be sure to get the digit style with the beside the digits,these include the am,pm symbols as well.


Default digits    <IMG SRC=/cgi/clock.exe?+-lhh:MMm>

Elf Digits in Trasnparent format
  <IMG SRC="/cgi/clock.exe?-t0+-self2+-lhh:MMm>

Dolphin Digits in transparent background format
  <IMG SRC="/cgi/clock.exe?-t0+-simgd+-lhh:MMm>

Colored Digits    <img src=/cgi/clock.exe?-f0000FF+-bFF0000>

Gold Digit Style    <img src=/cgi/clock.exe?-sgold>

Glowing Digit Style with hr format    <img src=/cgi/clock.exe?+-sglowing+-lhh:MMm >

   As you can see adding a clock is really not that difficult, simply cut and paste the example code into your web/HTML document if you do not wish anything fancy.
This clock program was written by Kevin Athey At Behold Software

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