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  A very basic web page for your company will be created by us to match your very own design as nearly as possible. Your business page will consist of 1 of the following 3 styles.  This would be a great page for a home craft maker, hobbiest or book author

  1. Business card, style A:  your very own business card may be used as your full screen web page, which will be linkable to your Email address. We can add your Email address to the web page if necessary.  $75 for 12 months.

  2. Single page, style B:  consisting of the following items and choices. $75 for 12 months.

    1. Creation of the page in standard HTML code according to your design criteria.
    2. 1 year display of your page on the World Wide Web.
    3. 1 full color image per page, either scanned by us or provided to us in digital form.
    4. Your companies name in headlines at top of page.
    5. Your choice of background color.
    6. Your choice of text color.
    7. Image size and placement determined by you.
    8. Up to 200 words of text describing your business.
    9. Your companies Email address linkable directly to you for sales purposes.
    10. Your business page will appear to the world as:
    11. Price $75 United States Currency for 12 month contract.
    12. When we receive your information and payment, your web page will be created and posted on-line within 1 week.

  3. Single page YOU design, style C;  Create your very own business page $25 a year complete.Using special online software you can now design and create your very own single business page. You may upload 1 image file to use on your page and also may pick many differant web page design styles all thru a simple form driven interface. You may pick your heading style,background image,text color,Image placment ,as well as adding a hit counter to your page if you wish.

  Please see some examples of  basic web page's, and also feel free to look at the  template page for creating your own designs.
  To order a basic web page, please print out the template form, enter your design information, include your photograph ,check, or money order and mail it to our address.
  If you already have a digitized picture you wish to use and have Email facility, you may send us the digitized photo and the template filled in with your design and we can begin creating your WWW business page for you immediately.
  If you prefer using your business card be sure your business address/telephone number or Email address are printed on the card. If necessary we can add your Email address to the card, space providing.

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