Advertise your Business on MntnWeb

 Advertise your business,hobby or craft on MntnWeb. We will display your advertisment prominantly on the Binghamton Webcam page. This page gets many new viewers and repeat viewers to the webcam images of Binghamton. Your ad will be cycled with the other customers in display. We can design your ad for you if you wish,or you may design the ad yourself. Please review our rates and design criteria,if you have any questions please feel free to write us. Notice the following ad for an example. Cycling of ads will be based upon number of other customers buying ad space as well.

9k ad in GIF format,non animated,  $50 design

  • Ad must be in 400x40 pixel size. JPG image format is recommended but not necessary.
  • Ad must be under 20K in size. The above displayed ad is 9k in size
  • GIF format ads may be animated,but must be under the 20K file size limitation.
  • You may request a border around your ad if you wish.
  • Your ad will be a clickable link to your website,or to an email address. Note the above clickable ad
  • Include your business address or telephone number if you dont have a website
  • We can create a small website for you if you wish as well. Visit our pricing page for ideas on webspace. We have very reasonable rates from $75 a year complete.

  • Design for you

     We can design an ad for you, if you wish. We would need to know some design ideas from you before beginning the ad design. Or you could send us a flyer,business card and some company info to use as a base example. For a price example we would charge $50 for the above MntnWeb non animated ad designed. Animated ads would be more expensive.Depending on there complexity. The animated ad above may be what you are looking for, it is very simple,yet to the point. We would only charge $35 for such a design.

    9k ad in GIF format,non animated,  $50 design,design at our discretion based on your Company info.
    Animated banner 5K in size , $35 design,very simple basic design,our choice of text and background, with your company info.

    Advertising Rates

    1 month ad space. $25
    3 months ad space. $50
    6 months ad space $75


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